What is the difference between pin up pics and adult pics? And what are doing here at Sugar Candy?

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At Sugar Candy, we are about adult photography and pinup photography.

Pin Up & Adult Photos

Pin up photography is a type of photography that began as a pin up for the army men during WWII, and is now a way artists capture pinup models in artistic photographs. Although pin up photos are meant to be displayed for entertainment purposes only, there’s no harm in seeing pin up photos as art.

In Sugar Candy, you can see examples of pin up girls from years ago. In fact, it’s so classic you might mistake these pin up photos for vintage posters! The pinup girl classic black and white photo has her wearing a hat with curls cascading out on either side of her face while she stares coyly at the camera through dark lashes.

Adult photography is all about pinup photos. Adult pin up photography is all about women who are pin up models wearing just enough to cover their bodies, but not too much to lose all of the sensuality and sexual appeal. It’s like lingerie but better because you can still see the skin underneath, instead of covered by layers upon layers of fabric.

Adult Pin Up Photography for Hire

The pinup girls in pinup photos aren’t professional models; they’re typically normal looking women (and men) with natural beauty that photographers seek out as pin up models for hire . Some people begin their modeling careers doing pin up shoots before they even enter high school! Pin up photography studios are often happy to take on new models who fit the pin up girl look, so pinup models for hire include men and women of all ages - as long as they’ve got the pin up look down.

Typically pin up photos are taken with one model, though group pin up shoots on occasion come out quite well. Pin up photography is meant to accentuate a woman’s natural beauty and create a classic and timeless figure that many adults love today just as much as military personnel did back in WWII. They were used as propaganda posters at first, encouraging strong work ethics and strong fighting spirits in men who would go off to war. Today pinup photos have taken on a different meaning entirely because there’s nothing wrong with being sexy or flirty or pin up-like.

Many pin up pin up models are just normal looking women who aren’t professional pin up models, but many pin up pinup models do work in the industry as pin up girls for hire . There’s nothing wrong with dressing sexy or flirty, and that sentiment is communicated clear as day with pinup photos which feature adult pinup photos of pinup girls wearing lingerie. Pin Up Photos were popular back in WWII when military men wanted to keep morale high even while they were away from their loved ones fighting a war. Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting a bit of fun!

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