Good pin-ups are so rare!

This is just a post to say hello world, and to rant a little.

Good pin up photographers are hard to come by.

I’ve seen pictures of other pin up models online and haven’t been too impressed. However, I was pretty excited when I saw some pictures she had taken while I was surfing on Facebook one day.

With the right lighting, angles and good looks that pinup girls have naturally (or can acquire), shots like these come out amazing! Usually pinup photographers will use a studio setting and do quite a few variations (hair color, wardrobe style or props used) - which is always nice.

These pinups remind me of the pinups from 15-20 years ago. Some pinup models are more modern pinups, which I’m not to keen on. These pinups however seem to have a vintage touch to them - almost like they are from the fifties or sixties - but with an adult twist, so no one gets in trouble.

I think it’s important for pinup photographers and pinup models to be experienced and make good photos; rather than just uploading average pictures of girls onto websites and thinking they’ll get pin up jobs by word of mouth (or viral marketing) alone.

There is plenty of competition on the markets today: pin up photography, pin up calendars, pin up books, pin up videos etcetera that reach into the international market places; which pin up girl hasn’t pin up yet?

Lots of models like to make pinup calendars because they sell, and some pinups like others to buy for them for Christmas (or whenever).

You can find these pinup calendars on amazon or ebay; which is where I did most of my pinup shopping - but you can get pin up clothes anywhere like ebay, amazon, Etsy store etcetera.

But as it tends to be with anything that is commercial, good resources are few and far in between.

The recent rise of indie fashion makes me hopeful that things are possibly to turn for the better, though.

Sugar Candy